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Compline provides the California experience rating database to workers’ comp professionals. Since 1982 Compline has been reliable responsible and reasonable.

When time means money, it’s Compline that helps improve the accuracy of data and speed to market.

Compline is not just X-Mods

  • Updated daily – instant notification when an employer’s X-Mod changes
  • X-Mod History and Trends back to 1976
  • Rate Analysis Report shows risk specific changes in premium
  • Governing and class code history
  • Name history protects E&O
  • Maps the risk to determine physical factors
  • Graphical presentation print with agency identification & logo
  • Unlimited users per location

Compline’s X-Mod Calculator & Analytical Tools

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Calculates past & current and forecasts future X-Mods
  • 14 beautiful graphical reports include:
    • experience rating worksheet,
    • summary claims abstract,
    • open claims report, 
    • actual vs expected primary loses,
    • X-Mod improvement possibility,
    • actual losses to industry,
    • loss ratio analysis,
    • losses by cause,
    • losses by injury type,
    • and more
  • Quantify the financial impact for a poorly performing prospect.

Calculate Premium & Deviations

  • Know & understand carriers’ real deviations 
  • Know what you need from each market to get to your target premium
  • Calculates hundreds of carriers in 10 seconds
  • See all or only specific carriers
  • What if scenarios

Sell More with Lead Generation

  • Get leads – that match your knowledge and markets
  • Create highly targeted, geographically based, pre-qualified prospects.
  • Target prospective clients by class and X-Mod History
  • Effective Dates for some risks
  • Instantly downloadable

 Analytical Tools

  • Territory rate mapper – learn carrier deviations by territory
  • Strategic rate comparison – filed rates for every carrier
  • Class Lookup cross reference to NAICS, CSLB and other codes with rate history and ELR graphics
  • Pure Premium Behavior Metrics compares class rates over time and shows percentage changes
  • Compare Carrier X-Mods for top carriers

Better than the Bureau®

Customer Service
Help is always free

In this day and age it is difficult to get connected with customer support when you need it.  You either email, without a response for days or call pushing button after button and get no where. We are different!The Compline HelpDesk is just a phone call or email away.  Our trained HelpDesk associates will do their best to answer your call or email as swiftly as possible.  And remember HelpDesk support is ALWAYS free.

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Easy to Navigate

The Compline Healthy Account System is designed to make all the information you have in Compline about your clients and prospects accessible with one simple lookup. It is intuitive and simple to use. It works the way insurance people work using a folder and tab paradigm and allows you to move simply between the Riskscreen, the WCU X-Mod Calculator, and Integrated Rating. 

Calculate & Project X-Mods

Using Workers’ Comp Utilities members can accurately calculate and project X-Mods. Since 1982 we have provided accurate details as to how many points each claim contributes to the X-Mod, and (as copied by the CDI) what the X-Mod would be with no claims. Us it for What-if-scenarios. It saves your work from year to year to avoid duplicate entry.

Charts and Graphs

Quickly assist your insured with understanding how their X-Mod compares to others in the same industry – how their claims affect their overall X-mod – their best possible X-mod and much more.  

Track X-Mods

With Modwatch, you can place a risk or series of risks on ‘watch’ and Compline will email you whenever an X-Mod changes. Stay ahead of the competition with automatic email notices.

Integrated Comparative Rating

To rate nearly 300 companies in less than 6 seconds all you need to do is  look up the risk in Compline, click rate, and add the effective date and payroll amounts.
The system is smart enough to include all classes for the specific risk, to pick the correct rate filing for each of the hundreds of carriers we rate, and even to allow you to use multiple territories for any given risk thereby getting you a more accurate pricing indication.

Presentation Printing

Marketing reports at your fingertips! Compline creates beautiful reports to use as your sales guide, for placing, and to send to underwriters as part of the application. FAST FEATURE:  You can email these impressive individualized PDFs to your client directly from your smartphone!

Better than the Bureau®

” Customer Success

Compline is the most reliable and intelligible system in the industry for the calculation of experience modifications for California businesses.  I have relied on Compline for over 20 years. Competitors have periodically tried to compete by offering x-mod products that do not work as easily nor compare well.  Compline provides the most concise format, demonstrating how much each individual claim contributes to a company’s x-mod and the effect in a format that is simple to follow on a page.  It is critical that any company doing business in California can understand and anticipate the direction of their x-mod, thus premium for the future years. Compline provides that with accuracy. When estimating and doing  “what if” scenarios, Compline saves all of your calculations from which you may build additional years or vary your data to suit your purpose, such as varying the payroll or changing a claim value, to estimate the future effect.  Besides this Utility program, I appreciate the automatic notifications of any Bureau release of x-mod changes which Compline provides by email through their ModWatch program. 

Ann S.

I have used CompLine for many years, it is a great tool, that allows me to:

  1. Tell a story to prospective clients to try and build a wedge between their brokerage current relationship.
  2. Illustrate the cost-drivers in the system as a management tool for current clients.

Greg O., ARM

I have been using Compline for close to 20 years and nothing compares to their level service


Compline HelpDesk is always here to assist you, but sometimes you need a quick reference.

Take a look at the FAQ and see if we can quickly answer your questions.

How do I get appointed or get service?
Fill out our service request and email or fax it to us. We are friendly and want to serve. Please be careful to be accurate about your information. Click here for the form…
Can I purchase Marketing Lists?
Yes. Members have access to a panoply of marketing tools including Risklist, Modwatch, ModPlus and NewMod. More more infoamtion about our lead services please contact
How Do I estimate or project X-Mods for me or my clients?
Compline service includes for most members an X-Mod calculator known as Workers’ Comp Utilities. You can use it to verify, or project X-Mods to perform What-if scenarios and more.
Click here to read more about Workers’ Comp Utilities.
Does Compline only provide data for California?
Does Compline offer X-Mod consulting services?
Yes Compline will work through its Member producers or directly with employers.
I am an employer; Can I monitor my own X-Mod?
Yes. We have a special category for this. But many agents and brokers use our system and will do this for you as part of their service. If you are an employer and want to monitor your own X-Mod – we will notify you immediately each time it changes. There are many other services we can provide. Please send an inquiry to
What do I Get with Compline?
Compline provides a set of tools for finding, tracking analyzing, projecting and understanding experience modifications, which are sometimes known as X-Mods, EMRs, exmods, ex-mods, or xmods. Most of the tools come with the basic subscription lead generation costs a little more. Read our features list on the navigation bar.
My company already has an account, can I get added?
Sure, we support unlimited users at each locations so send us an email or contact your KeyOp.
What is a KeyOp and What Do They Do?
KeyOp is short for Key Operator. The phrase is a carry over from the early 1980s when each Member Organization had a person at each location to train and users and answer questions. Today the KeyOp works in conjunction with the Compline Helpdesk to protect security and users in the organization.
Effective date verses calc date
Dale please edit
If I bought leads leads from can I really get Compline to add X-Mods for free?
Yes. Send the spreadsheet you got from WCL to the Compline helpdesk.

X-mods X-Plained

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