Integrated Comparative Rating

Integrated Comparative Rating joins the Workers’ Comp Utilities X-Mod calculator in the integration of Compline data across all of the feature sets. It works like the utilities and all of the data is safely and easily integrated into rating. So data from the Riskscreen is filled right into the rating engine.

Calculate Premium & Deviations

  • Know & understand carriers’ real deviations 
  • Know what you need from each market to get to your target premium
  • Calculates hundreds of carriers in 10 seconds
  • See all or only specific carriers
  • What if scenarios

In fact, the only thing needed to rate nearly 300 companies in less than 6 seconds is to look up the risk in Compline click rate and add the effective date and payroll amounts.

The system is smart enough to include all classes for the specific risk, to pick the correct rate filing for each of the hundreds of carriers we rate, and even to allow you to use multiple territories for any given risk thereby getting you a more accurate pricing indication.

It is far ahead of any other rater.  If you give it a target premium it will tell you the deviations necessary for each carrier. It even rates all SCIF tiers accurately.

Dale’s Overview and demo  (12 minutes)
Video of how to use the system overview (6 minutes – included above)