New Printing Facilities

Print and Presentation Print
Professional Risk Information – as useful PDFs you can print or email

FAST FEATURE:  You can email these impressive individualized PDFs to your client directly from your smartphone!
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Screen shot with trend expandedCompline’s Riskscreen print facility now provides three incredibly useful tools that give you information you can provide to those who need it. These are useful tools that you can build on to explain X-Mods, Rates and an employer’s specific situation.
Remember you can use your iPhone or most other mobile devices to email these to a client while you’re sitting in their office

To download samples of each print click here:  PresentationPrint or Print

Print provides a three page summary overview of the account – Including:

  • The major portions of the Riskscreen including lengthy X-Mod (EMR or exmod) history, risknames and former risknames, classes applicable to the employer,
  • Both the expanded bar and trend graphs
  • The rate analysis reports

‘Print’ is the basic report about the employer.  This is the one to use as your sales guide, for placing, and to send to underwriters as part of the application.

Presentation Print will create a much longer report suitable for clients. It provides more information and is designed to be presentable to clients. It includes:

  • Enter Presented to data and include it on your cover page
  • Cover page containing your logo and contact information
  • Riskscreen page
  • Risk Page containing the expanded graphs and explanations suitable for employers
  • Rate Analysis Report including interpretive paragraphs
  • Class code histograms and associated data for each class, two to a page, to help explain to the employer where the rates have been and are going.
  • Any Cal/OSHA Case summaries for the subject employer
  • A blank end page.

Rate Analysis Report Print

Printing the Rate Analysis Report by itself will create a PDF, which includes your logo and your information in the footer. It also includes some explanatory paragraphs. You can print or email the PDF.

Each type of print will have your name and info and our copyright. As new information and additional charts and graphs become available we will appropriately format and include for you.