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X-Mods X-plained

Learn X-Mod Strategies Including – Calculation, Dealing with the Bureau, Special Circumstances, Helping Employers A Two- Hour Intensive webcast.Employers’ Workers’ Comp Attorney Heywood Friedman is joined by our own Dale Debber along with broker Colin Baird their extraordinary knowledge skills and experience to bring you the information you need to understand X-Mod calculation, theory and practice.  For more information click Here.

Make Money Targeting Your Niche

Learn the tricks and traps so you can find, develop, create coverage for, and sell to niche markets. These proven profitable strategies have generated results for some of the most successful agencies in the country.  You’ll love the practical step by step processes as taught by a successful and experienced old hand.  Two dates to choose from click here for more info

Win with W/Comp! Learn Successful Sales Strategies from Two W/Comp Top Guns

This is a truly career-changing opportunity. Follow the insights provided by this in-depth, comprehensive Live Streaming Video Webcast and you’ll learn the strategies you need to increase your sales and dramatically improve your personal compensation bottom line. For more information click here. ORDER NOW