121,141 New 2014 X-Mods From Compline – 12-02-13

2014 X-MODS

We are pleased to report we have updated 121,141 risks with 2014 X-Mod data. Most risks though the 1st quarter have been completed.

Our Integrated Comparative Premium Rating is a Big Hit

Released just about 6 weeks ago we have seen incredible usage in our rating feature. It’s easy to use – just look up the risk you want to rate and click on the folder and all the data you need to rate 288 carriers will appear automatically. Just add the date (including 1-1) and the payrolls and calculate nearly 300 carriers in less than 10 seconds.
Save them and as new rates are release it’s just one button to see where you are in your deal.

There are complete how to use it guides in the Quickcourse section. Our Help Desk is always here to answer any questions – let me know how I can help too!