Compline: 2 Major Announcements – 9-26-13

Hi Everyone:

Today I am very excited to announce two major new features for you Compline members. These will make your work faster and easier and is a major expansion of features. There are links to preview videos both in the Quickcourses section of Compline and at the bottom of this email for non-members.
Coming directly to the point: next week Compline members are getting:

  • Integrated Comparative Rating &
  • Compline Healthy Account System

Integrated Comparative Rating joins the Workers’ Comp Utilities in the integration of Compline data across all of the feature sets. It works like the utilities and all of the data is safely and easily integrated into rating.

In fact, the only thing you need to rate nearly 300 companies in less than 6 seconds is to look up the risk in Compline click rate and add the effective date and payroll amounts.

The system is smart enough to include all classes, to pick the correct rate filing, and even to allow you to use multiple territories for any given risk thereby getting you a more accurate pricing indication. It does much more than anyone else and of you give a target premium it will tell you the deviations necessary for each carrier. It even rates all 3 SCIF tiers accurately.

The Compline Healthy Account System is designed to make all the information you have in Compline about your clients and prospects accessible with one simple lookup. It is intuitive and simple to use.

It works the way insurance people work using a folder and tab paradigm and allows you to move simply between the Riskscreen, the WCU X-Mod Calculator, and Integrated Rating. It even provides more information than you’ve ever had before. So when you look up a risk (and you’ve used either the WCU or Integrated Rating for the accounts) it will provide at a glance on the tab data about what years you’ve calculated an X-Mod, when you last rated the specific risk and the total payroll for the risk.
Here are your links:
Dale’s Overview and demo of both new features (12 minutes)
Video of using both systems overview (6 minutes – included above)
As always we are here to serve and learn – your suggestions and perspective are welcome and encouraged.

Dale Debber for the whole Compline team