Compline Features & Tools 7/20/2012

Greetings Everyone:

We got a lot of stuff done and out into the wild (into production) as our developers say. But I also had back a few things because I wasn’t quite happy with them. I figured better to wait until we are as perfect as we can be then to send things out with issues.

So what do you have today that you didn’t have yesterday?

We Killed the Captcha – The Craptcha is Dead!

You complained about the captcha that protected us and you at the change or forgot password stage and, as promised, we removed it.

iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and Tablets

We have issued and upgrade that allows these to work fairly well. Using Compline on these devises – in the browser mode – will work but remember these are not apps and don’t work like apps. But they do work and this is an advantage for the guys in the field.

Modwatch Downloads Upgrade

Also by popular demand we have started storing the Modwatch PDF Notifications in the Modwatch section. So if you miss your weekly Modwatch email you can find it (back 4 weeks) by touching the Modwatch button on the left. This works for all of the Modwatch, ModPlus and NewMod features.

Things That Didn’t Make it this week – we promise for next week

I just wasn’t quite happy wit the printing features so I held them for one week to make them perfect. So next Friday you will have really cool printing, on my honor. The printing facilities are working but I wanted to fine tune them a little but turning them loose.

  • Rate Analysis Report Suggestions Taken
  • New Print Features Next Week – Here’s The Scoop

There are two major print out you will be able to generate from the control bar:
Print will create a two page PDF which you can print or email or whatever. It will include the Riskscreen the expanded X-Mod History and X-Mod Trend Graphs along with the Rate Analysis Report.

  • Presentation Print will create a much longer report suitable for clients. It is outlined in last weeks email, and we will provide a long explanation in next weeks.
  • Updated Class Histograms

There is a new style of graphic for the class histograms associated with the class codes accessed from the Riskscreen.

Bugs Fixed

  • FIXEDSafari for the MAC still has a few issues, and reacts poorly to the paid site. We’re scheduling time to fix it but we have no release date assigned.
  • FIXEDBackground Color on Riskscreen Charts and Graphs has been added in a different way so you can copy cut and paste them and they look decent.
  • FIXEDThe issues associated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 were fixed and pushed upon report. Problems on both the internal password protected site and marketing site have been fixed and are out.
  • FIXEDWe have already updated the logon from the marketing site for easier use.
  • FIXEDWe have eliminated the Ipsum Lorem placeholder text from the marketing pages to eliminate confusion, fixed and pushed.
  • FIXED  – MACs – Firefox works great on the Mac and You can use the toolbar too! Also already out there.

Known Issues

  • We have a known issue concerning large losses in the WCU. We are looking into this and will fix, no scheduled release date yet.

In the Development Stream

  • Class and rates lookups across multiple carriers is in the works by popular demand, coming fairly fast.
  • Risklist / Modwatch / NewMod / ModPlus / CalcList: A new look and feel with a much improved and cleaner count and order process for leads in Risklist which will provide far more choices has been designed and is the next big thing. You will be able to order online and download your leads. Halleluiah but Kyle will miss the calls.
  • Workers’ Comp Utilities X-Mod Calculator is in the final design stage along with some new reporting tools for it. No release date yet.