Compline has 2013 X-mods NOW! 12/10/12

Greetings Everyone:
  • The 2013 X-Mods are now running and we have tons of them in the system
  • We are having a little issue with the Workers’ Comp Utilities properly calculating – it is running from zero to 3 points off due to an issue we have identified and are working on. RECOMMENDATION: Go ahead and use it like it is for the next little while – the important things like points each claim contributes to the whole and lowest possible X-Mod are fine.
  • NEW TOOL RELEASED Workers Comp Rate Changes by Commissioner
So what 7 things do you have this week that you didn’t have last week?
There are 5 new Tools for you to use in negotiating rates, placing accounts, marketing new accounts and explaining it all to clients and prospects. Two have been out for a while and there are three new ones out today.
  1. NEW TOOL TODAY! Strategic Rate Comparison allows you to compare the filed rates of some 300 carriers. In fact we update rates within 3 days of being filed. Choose the effective date of the rates you want to see. This tool not only allows you to look at rates by carrier, but to sort them by rate, or carrier. SRC provides High, Low, Mean, Median and Mode at a glance and provides you with the ability to dynamically pick up to 10 to graphically compare. Prints a presentation ready exhibit with your logo.
  2. NEW TOOL TODAY! Carrier X-Mod ComparisonProvides a new competitive tool, which tracks the Top 25 carriers by their own X-Mod and allows you to compare and contrast those you are competing against with those you represent. Do you want to be with a carrier that can’t manage its own experience one might ask? Enlightening. Prints a presentation ready exhibit with your logo.
  3. NEW TOOL Pure Premium Behavior Metrics Create exhibits which explain how changes in pure premium affect insureds. Compares the current PPR to previous – one and two years ago. Sort by any of 8 fields. Prints neatly.
  4. NEW TOOL Class Manual Lookup Our version of the workers’ comp manual online which is ever expanding.
  5. NEW TOOL TODAY! Workers’ Comp Rate Change Graphic This killer graphic is licensed only to Compline Members for use in presentations to clients and prospects. Since the rate change is imminent we have added the software to this release but wont release the graphic until one day after the Commissioner announces the rate decision.
  6. Multiple Lookup Function Removed Due to non-use we removed the multiple lookup function and took it off the menu.
  7. More phone numbers were added to the system
Look and Feel Tips
Helpful Hint: Remember that as we upgrade all of our pages the new pages have the silver bar with function buttons along the top. Using those functions will help you.
Helpful Hint: Use the Print Button (instead of the print function on your browser) for a professional looking print.
Helpful Hint: Review the Quickcourse videos (sound optional) when you see a new feature – and especially on new tools – they will teach you how to use stuff and explain everything!
Helpful Hint: While sitting in a client or prospects office its easy to impress them by using your iPad or smartphone to lookup their X-Mod in Compline and email them the a personalized presentation print PDF which they will receive immediately in their email in color and be able to print along with your personal and company information…. all while you are in the room.
5 More Free Upgrades Coming Shortly
MaMajor Look and Feel Upgrade for Compline In less than two weeks we will be releasing a major version look and feel upgrade to the entire system. It has been designed to provide easier more intuitive navigation for you. The new look allows us to continue to release new tools and functionalities that are quicker to use and more intuitive. The new look is nearing clearance by QA. We are excited and you should be too.
2. Workers’ Comp Utilities X-Mod Calculator is working well is still accessible to you from the “WCU” button on the left nav. We will have 2013 tables updated within a day or two of the rate decision. Remember that any data you put in stays in and is available for what if scenarios or future years calculations so you don’t have to enter claims or payrolls twice.
3. Workers’ Comp Utilities rewrite and major upgrade is underway and will be released after the look and feel release so it is consistent with the new system. If you subscribe to other X-Mod calculation systems you may want to hold your renewal until you see this major upgrade We expect it mid-January.
4. Toolbar We have some changes underway for the toolbar, which will make your life easier. It will be an automatic update when it happens.

Modwatch Downloads will be coming as full PDFs in the near future.

Bugs and Issues Fixed and Known
FIXED There was a minor issue with the Strategic Rate Analysis display of all carriers, it is now good
FIXED We fixed a display big in the rate Analysis Report that was not report we just found it.
FIXED Safari for the MAC still has a few issues, and reacts poorly to the paid site. We’re scheduling time to fix it but we have no release date assigned.
FIXED We fixed several other bugs or issues that were found and not reported.
FIXED Several minor issues – every one that was reported to us – concerning printing to PDF were fixed.
REQUEST We have had several requests to make the SRC work like the Carrier Rate Compare and only show the chosen carriers in the print. This is on our schedule.
KNOWN We have a known issue concerning large losses in the WCU. We have determined what the problem is and will fix it in the new WCU release.
KNOWN We recognize the issue with the timeouts occurring too quickly when there is inactivity. In the next release we will increase the timeout from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

KNOWN We have some issue with the cookie sign in from the Toolbar, which we are also currently addressing.There was a minor issue with the Strategic Rate Analysis display of all carriers, it is now good

FIXED We fixed a display big in the rate Analysis Report that was not report we just found it.

If you know of an issue or bug please call us or email us. We have not been getting many issue reports so we’re glad but want to make everything work for everybody. So call us!

That’s it for this release. We are moving a pretty good clip towards some really cool and important new things. We appreciate your confidence and continued support.
As always, we want your ideas and are always more than happy to listen.

Dale Debber
For the whole Compline Team