Compline Update News – 6-5-13

Hi Everyone:
There is news today about newly released updates; the free CE credit webcast and more so read the whole thing…
We have released a few updates over the last few weeks:
· Contributing points for each claim now shows in the WCU reports
· We corrected the alignment of values
· We corrected the footers and removed the extra page that was printing in the WCU Presentation print
· At the request of a couple of Members we changed some phrasing to be more meaningful for clients
· We released this week and then withdrew a new Rol-o-dex page. Some users were having this weird issue in lookup; we tried to fix it the first day and rolled back to the old page at noon on the 2nd day. The issue has now been identified and we are giving it a little extra QA testing before we release it again.
· We THINK we have resolved the issues with the Internet Explorer browser. If you are having issues please call the helpdesk at 916-774-4000.
· TOOLBAR: All three State Fund Tiers are in the Strategic Rate Comparison Tool and are working fine including all territories. … Be sure to use 3/1/2013 as the effective date to get the new rates.
I was out visiting some agencies lately (always a learning experience) and found that some agents still are using really old monitors – those with 800X600 resolution. I was frankly shocked. Browsers cost $150ish and the amount of viewable space really can impact the speed of work. Hint hint hint Almost all of our people use dual monitor setups with high resolution.
We still recommend either the FireFox (if you like our toolbar) or the Chrome browser both of which are free to download and use. MS Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 work too. We have solved almost every behavior problem with a change of browsers.
The long promised FREE to MEMBERS webcast on experience rating is announced and registration is open. Sign up for the live webcast on June 27th at 10 am or one of our two replays on July 10th at 10 am and 2pm. We have nearly 300 locations signed up as of yesterday evening. As many people as want to can watch. . There is 1 hour of CE credit available for this 2 hour webcast. We are not charging extra to process the credits. HOWEVER CDI Requires that you ATTEND the full first hour and that you so certify in writing which we have maintain in our files. SO after the webcast there will be a download page so you can get the form and answer three questions.

Here is a link to our landing page:
More Free Upgrades Coming Shortly
Besides a rerelease of the new rol-o-dex screen – mistakes keep me humble (or does it humiliate me?), there are some cool things happening later this month and during July.

We expect a major feature release in July.

Bugs and Issues Fixed and Known


A few members reported having trouble with lookups as the result of our new Rol-o-dex screen. We pulled it back on the 2nd day and now think we have fixed the issue. It will get released shortly.
REQUEST We have had several requests to make the SRC work like the Carrier Rate Compare and only show the chosen carriers in the print. This is on our schedule.
REQUEST We acknowledge and will schedule the request to not hold the last lookup on strategic Rate Comparison. This is being scheduled.
REQUEST: We thank the agent who requested that they be allowed to insert copy into the presentation Prints and have not scheduled this request – yet.

KNOWN We are aware that some class descriptions are missing – we create our own rather than using the Bureau’s and will update when we get a chance


If you know of an issue or bug please call us or email us. We have not been getting many issue
reports so we’re glad but want to make everything work for everybody. So call us!

As always, we want your ideas and are always more than happy to listen.

Dale Debber
For the whole Compline Team