Compline Updates All 3 SCIF tiers + Other Good Stuff – 2/15/13

Hi Everyone:
We have fixed some bugs and upgraded various systems during the last week or so. See the “new things” section below… Did someone ask for all 3 SCIF tier and all those darn territorial rates to be added? There’s more …
I am excited to tell you the new Workers’ Comp Utilities X-Mod Calculator is getting pretty close. I’ve been testing the software and a lot of it has gone on to our Quality Assurance team. Of course, they’ll find all the stuff my ADHD self missed so that’s good for you. This is a free upgrade for all members. Better than that – it is a way way way better system than the one we have out there today! In fact, I’m darn proud of it and of our development & QA staff.
Oh and we will be announcing a FREE webcast all about experience rating and calculating and analyzing X-Mods (using our system). I’m hoping to pick some dates and start registering y’all next week. There will be some something special for members so keep an eye on your email.
I have been working on reports and graphics for the X-Mod Calculator and would love to include any requests – suggestions – ideas for reports or charts and graphs you might have. Send them to the helpdesk – the sooner the better! I personally use the FireFox browser most of the time so you can bet your sweet bippy that the new stuff will not require that old Microsoft browser.
I want to thank all of you who sent in worksheets and let you know that we will start next week with the testing and entering of them for you. We received about 500 worksheets and would welcome 500 more so if you are interested in having us enter your 2013 worksheets for you now is the time to fax them in. Once we have used them to test and entered them into your system we will destroy them.
So here’s our data call message again:
THIS IS A DATA CALL – have we got a deal for you!
In order to test our new X-Mod Calculator properly we need more 2013 worksheets, which is where you – the folks we work for – come in. We need you to send all the 2013 worksheets you’ve got. In trade – and as part of our testing – we’ll get them into your Compline system for free. It’s clean neat and easy – just know you won’t have access to them until we release the new software.



So what new things do you have today that you didn’t have yesterday?
  • WE have added all three State Fund Tiers to the Strategic Rate Comparison including all territories. Whew! Those government bureaucrats can certainly find ways to complicate all our lives, huh… Be sure to use 3/1/2013 as the effective date to get the new rates.
  • We have fixed the Quickcourse for ‘Riskscreen Explained’ so it now works well in Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 and FireFox and Safari and on tablets and iPhones.
  • More Quickcourses are being upgraded all the time
  • We have stopped supporting Internet Explorer 7 and below. IT is free and easy to upgrade your browser, we recommend FireFox over Explorer. [We call it Microsoft Exploder in our office].
Helpful Hints

  • Be looking for the announcement of a FREE webcast to teach both experience rating and analysis and our new system. You will want to attend this one for sure.

  • Be sure to check out and use the Quickcourses – they have lots of useful information about the pages you use all the time and pages you might not have tried.

More Free Upgrades Coming Shortly
  • Workers’ Comp Utilities rewrite and major upgrade is underway and will be released after the look and feel release so it is consistent with the new system. If you subscribe to other X-Mod calculation systems you may want to hold your renewal until you see this major upgrade We expect it mid-January.
  • Toolbar We have some changes underway for the toolbar, which will make your life easier. It will be an automatic update when it happens.
  • Modwatch Downloads will be coming as full PDFs in the near future but have taken a backseat to the utilities.
Bugs and Issues Fixed and Known


FIXED We fixed the issue with the X-Mod calculator, Workers’ Comp Utilities.
FIXED Rate Analysis report was having a display and rate issue when a deleted class was at the top. This has been resolved.
REQUEST We have had several requests to make the SRC work like the Carrier Rate Compare and only show the chosen carriers in the print. This is on our schedule.
REQUEST We acknowledge and will schedule the request to not hold the last lookup on strategic Rate Comparison. This is being scheduled.
REQUEST: We thank the agent who requested that they be allowed to insert copy into the presentation Prints and have not scheduled this request – yet.
KNOWN We have a known issue concerning large losses in the WCU. We have determined what the problem is and will fix it in the new WCU release.
KNOWN We recognize the issue with the timeouts occurring too quickly when there is inactivity. In the next major release we will increase the timeout from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
KNOWN We have some issue with the cookie sign in from the Toolbar, which we are also currently addressing.

KNOWN We are aware that some class descriptions are missing – we create our own rather than using the Bureau’s and will update when we get a chance


If you know of an issue or bug please call us or email us. We have not been getting many issue reports so we’re glad but want to make everything work for everybody. So call us!

As always, we want your ideas and are always more than happy to listen.
Dale Debber
For the whole Compline Team