Don't Forget: Free Webcast Wednesday – Compline's New X-Mod Calculator

Hi Everyone:
WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE FOR THE (FREE UPGRADE FOR MEMBERS) NEW WORKERS’ COMP UTILITIES X-Mod calculator. We decided not to make you any crazier than necessary before the 4/1s so we are releasing it on Wednesday 4/3.

We are very proud of new system and this is the last of the (propaganda) emails inviting current and future Compline members to sign up for our free 15-minute introductory “How to use it” webcast. It really is easy to use and we have automated everything it is possible to automate. There are have a couple of taped replays you can sign up for on the sign up sheet.


What does it do? – We promise to rock your X-Mod world! We can now tell you – it has a natural very easy to use interface, a slew of reports for your clients that include presentation prints with your logo and all the things you’re used to from the new Compline Riskscreen – plus it does all the work for you. You can create and access worksheets directly from the Riskscreen and it’ll even fill in most of the blanks for you. This is not an April Fools Day joke but if you’re not signing up you might be ….


Here is the link to the FREE Webcast for current or future Compline Members:

Helpful Hints
  • Be sure to register yourself and your whole team for the free webcast. It will be a simple run through of and how to use the new X-Mod calculator – be sure to be on time because it doesn’t take long to learn.
  • Here is a link to the Free Webcast where you can register to see the live broadcast on Wednesday or one of the replays over the next couple of days …
  • Be sure to check out and use the Quickcourses – they have lots of useful information about the pages you use all the time and pages you might not have tried.
More Free Upgrades Coming Shortly
But we’re not talking yet ….


As Always with warm personal regards,

Dale Debber

For the whole Compline Team