Many Compline Upgrades Today – Printing Included 8/2/2012

WOW! This is a great update with lots of new stuff. So pay attention as you get through this. Producers, there is some special stuff for you! Be sure to read the General Information and Trends section. Remember, there is a webcast training coming up in less that 2 weeks.
So what do you have today that you didn’t have yesterday?
  • Print
  • Presentation Print
  • Printing from Smart Phones & Devices
  • Upgraded Rate Analysis Report
  • Very Upgraded Class Histograms: Both Bar Chart and the New Class Graph Trend Chart
  • Security links timeout adjustment
  • Revised Controls on left blue menu
  • Added information box (ad) on blue menu
I know everyone has been waiting for the print facilities. I’m finally happy with it. Let me know how you like it. Compline members can use it now. Others can get a sample here:
Here’s the release scoop:
Print:will create a three page PDF which you can print or email. It includes the Riskscreen on the first page; the expanded X-Mod History and X-Mod Trend Graphs and explanatory paragraphs on the 2nd page; and the Rate Analysis Report and an explanation on the 3rd. This is our new basic report.
Presentation Print: will create a much longer report suitable for clients. It will also be a PDF so you can mail it or print it or whatever. Here are its pages (and you get to choose which you want when you print and can set a standard).
  • Cover page containing personalized client contact data, your logo and your contact information
  • Riskscreen page
  • Risk Page containing the expanded graphs + interpretive explanation
  • Rate Analysis Report + interpretive explanation
  • Whatever number of pages containing (3 each) of the class code histogram and associated data for each class
  • The Cal/OSHA Case summary if it applies.
  • A blank end page.
  • All pages have your name and contact info and our copyright.
Printing (air print) from Smart Phones and Devices: We have increased support for printing from smart phones and devices such as iPad, iPhone and various Android devices including tablets. WHAT’S REALLY COOL is being able to sit in your prospects’ office and email him the customized presentation print as a PDF so you can discuss it together. iPads and iPhones work great using the free Adobe App. HOWEVER, different Android devices and apps respond differently to receiving and handling a PDF download. Compline suggests using the FREE Adobe App, which works great on the devices we tested. This is what we will be showing in the webcast. We have tested pretty much on Android devices with current operating systems using Adobe’s App and found a few anomalies on older devices.
Rate Analysis Report Upgrades (Suggestions Taken-Thanks)
  • Colors are being organized a little better for clarity
  • Most Requested: Updating the labels to reflect these are Pure Premium Rates
  • We are correcting the alignment for rate displays
  • We are updating the X-Mod Display to make it like the Riskscreen
  • Your Logo Is Being added when you Print
Very Updated Class Rate Histograms: There are two new styles of graphics for the class histograms associated with the class codes accessed by clicking on the class codes on the Riskscreen. We upgraded the bar chart which shows – as most of you already know – the historical rate history for the class as well as various manual designations and other cross references. In addition there is a NEW choice which is a trend graphic accessed from the little orange button at the top.
The rest of the changes are mostly functional and don’t require long explanations.
General Information & User Trends
1. We have scheduled a FREE webcast for training and features. It is free to both Compline and non-Compline users. It will be conducted once live and replayed at least twice. It does require registration. We strongly recommend everyone attend.
2. Android devices- We have found in general that using the FireFox browser provides a more reliable experience overall.
3. We have had an uptick in standard Risklists, Calclists, and some unique marketing list orders. We can do anything with the database you can think up. Contact Sales at or call him direct at 916-786-0311.
4. We have been inundated with orders for Compline. Thank you. We have been able to stay current getting organizations up and running and are catching up processing credit cards and depositing checks. It’s an awful nice administrative problem to have and we are grateful to everyone.
5. Rinse. Repeat. Wash. Does anyone read this far?
Bugs & Issues Fixed


FIXED Issue of length of time until a link expired when we send welcome, timeout, new password or other links.
· FIXED handling of screens and printing in Androids
Above were fixed this release·
FIXED Safari for the MAC still has a few issues, and reacts poorly to the paid site. We’re scheduling time to fix it but we have no release date assigned.
· FIXED Background Color on Riskscreen Charts and Graphs has been added in a different way so you can copy cut and paste them and they look decent.
· FIXED The issues associated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 were fixed and pushed upon report. Problems on both the internal password protected site and marketing site have been fixed and are out.
· FIXED We have already updated the logon from the marketing site for easier use.
· FIXED We have eliminated the Ipsum Lorem placeholder text from the marketing pages to eliminate confusion, fixed and pushed.
· FIXED MACs – Firefox works great on the Mac and You can use the toolbar too! Also already out there.
Known Issues
· Browser Print the page you’re on – we are looking into this presently
· 13% of our users are still on MS Internet Explorer 7(known in our Dev Dept as internet exploder) and need to get the free upgrade to MSIE 8 or 9.
· We have a known issue concerning large losses in the WCU. We are looking into this and will fix, no scheduled release date yet. Likely will be fixed in the major release.
· The Opera Browser is not supported on any platform – not scheduled
· MAC: Download time using Safari Browser on a MAC for presentation print is nearly 1 minute. WORKAROUND: This works fine using FireFox browser. Not Scheduled.
· Some minor screen and print behavior issues in various Android phones and Tablets, no issues in other units. WORKAROUND: Please upgrade your OS and use FireFox browser.
· Not Tested on Blackberry – really What Are You Thinking?
Next Release
Here is what’s in store – we expect for next week:
1. A class code lookup tool showing rates as filed by every carrier and sortable from high to low and back with some extra special features.
2. We will be providing Class lookups showing the rate change percentages, sortable by various fields.
3. Some housekeeping goodies.
Major Upgrades Coming
Lead Generation Next Major Upgrade
Risklist / Modwatch / NewMod / ModPlus / CalcList: Here comes a new look and feel with a much improved and cleaner count and order process for leads in Risklist. It will provide far more choices and is out of design and in development. It is the next big thing. You will be able to order online and download your leads. Halleluiah but Kyle will miss your calls.
X-Mod Calculator After That
Thisis in the final design stage along with some new reporting tools for it. No release date yet. If you have ideas or requests you’d like to see us include please let us know soon. Email the helpdesk.