New Cool Features from Compline

First let me say thanks to all of you who responded or are responding to the membership continuation.

Major Riskscreen Update:

We have released a major (and we think really useful) upgrade to the Compline Riskscreen and feature set and I want to make sure you are aware of the multitude of changes.

  • New Control Bar – which will be added to all appropriate pages site-wide as we update them. The Control Bar is where you will find Quickcourses for (how to use) the specific page you are on; the printing facilities and other reports and functions available on that page.
  • NEW RATE ANALYSIS REPORT – which shows and helps you explain to employers the rate changes they are seeing. This chart is printable today and automatically shows for the employers’ specific classes the difference in pure premium rates today verses one year ago and provides the percentage difference up or down. In the second column it applies X-Mods from the last two years to the pertinent pure premium rates and shows the percentage difference in pure premium rates after application of the X-Mod. The Rate Analysis Report button is located on the control bar.
  • Updated X-Mod Bar Chart Design -The bar chart shows 10 years of X-Mod history touching the Expand button will extend it to 30 years.
  • New X-Mod Trend Chart – Touching the Trend button will change your bar chart to a trend chart and it also expands and changes in expand mode.
  • Visual Satellite Mapping – is now available from the Riskscreen. Touch Map and watch full motion movement as we bring you the satellite map.
  • Class Code Data – is at hand replete with rates back to 1986 and cross references to products and general liability codes as well as SIC and NAICS codes. Updates constantly. The bar graphic will be updated soon.
  • Print and Presentation Print – will become available for Members on July 20th. Both will provide an outstanding printing feature good enough to be sent to clients via PDF.


Phone Numbers – As many of you noticed last week we have added more than 100,000 new phone numbers to the database and now this will be an ongoing project constantly updated system.

Modwatch Downloads – We will be releasing the Modwatch, NewMod and ModPlus20 downloads along with the printing next week.


Okay kids we’re focused on some graphics changes and on getting the print and presentation print perfect. But after that we have some 15 major data and system updates that will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.